Why Are Agents Still Underquoting In This Market?

When it comes to underquoting, from the outset we want to say that the majority of agents are tarred with the same brush as the minority doing the wrong thing. At the moment, we are constantly being questioned by our clients, “why in a market with record low stock levels are agents still participating in […]

3 Questions You Should Ask An Agent When Buying

Often as a buyer attending an agents open home there tends to be more questions asked by the agent than that of the buyer. The reason they do this is two fold, one to discover whether you have interest in the home they’re selling & two to find out whether you have a home to […]

Are You Missing Off Market And Pre-Market Opportunities?

Would you believe over 40% of the properties we have purchased for our buying clients in 2023 have never actually been advertised on realestate.com.au or domain.com.au? It is a big number isn’t it? These are the homes that you didn’t see online and never had the opportunity to inspect. This is because you hadn’t engaged […]

Why Buyers Should Never Discount A Home By Inspecting Online Only

There is an old saying, that goes “Never judge a book by its cover” & this is the same when looking for property. Although agents try to show you everything that the property has to offer online through photos, video, floor plan, site plan& 3D virtual tours. The truth is these mediums cannot capture everything […]

Why Are Sellers Playing The Waiting Game?

At the moment we are getting the most amount of enquiry we have seen from buyers looking to engage our services to give them access to off or pre market properties due to the low stock levels being experienced across Melbourne.   Properties just aren’t coming to market at the moment & we feel there […]