Are You Missing Off Market And Pre-Market Opportunities?

Would you believe over 40% of the properties we have purchased for our buying clients in 2023 have never actually been advertised on realestate.com.au or domain.com.au? It is a big number isn’t it? These are the homes that you didn’t see online and never had the opportunity to inspect. This is because you hadn’t engaged a buyers advocate to help you on your journey and open all doors.
Some buyers we speak to say that they are talking to agents and are getting updated on these opportunities. What must be understood is that any agent in any office can only refer you a property that they have listed. Ia most offices agents are not across all the stock of all agents until they go online. How do we help our clients get these opportunities?  We have over 2000 real estate agents across Melbourne on our data base that we SMS directly with our client briefs, this ensures we get results immediately. We also follow up agents after the SMS via a phone call because we understand they get busy. These conversations often convert into many more off market inspections for our clients.
With the historic low stock levels we are currently experiencing and the high demand from buyers, we know it is harder than ever to secure your new home. That’s where our experience and industry relationships are creating purchases out of nothing. Recently we called an agent after sending the SMS client brief and discussed the brief in further detail. During that discussion the agent advised of a property that was about to go to lease that could suit. We managed to get our clients through the home, submitted an offer, negotiated and eventually secured the property. A property that was never coming to market ended up meeting our clients brief. This was achieved through our industry relationships that we created over many years.
Our advice is that you should be seeing both online and offline properties to have a better chance of securing your dream home with less competition, in a more timely and less frustrating timeline. If we can help you we would love to arrange a no obligation chat

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