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Purchase a property with a trusted Buyers Advocate in Melbourne. Abode Advocacy Group will save you both Money and Time.

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Buyers Advocate Melbourne

Your Personal Buyers Advocate in Melbourne.

Buyers come to us for a multitude of reasons.

Either they are completely time poor and don’t want to compromise on the due diligence required when buying a home; or they simply have no idea where to start; or both.

Wherever you are in the buying process Abode can help you with individual services; a quick property check coupled with some negotiation expertise or with a full service that starts with a coffee chat and ends with you owning your dream home.

  • Initial brief development
  • Direct engagement with agents specific to your brief
  • Assessment of currently marketed properties
  • Search & launch of vendor direct requests (if required)
  • Subsequent evaluation and property selection
  • Design & execute a negotiation strategy whether being a private sales/off market or auction sale
  • Conduct & advise on the final inspection
  • Settlement co-ordination
  • Assessment of the subject property
  • Value assessment
  • Sales & Rental history
  • Evaluation of property including physical inspection
  • Due Diligence
  • Design & execution of negotiating or bidding strategy
  • Attend auction & execute bidding
  • Attend Final Inspection
  • Settlement Coordination

Buyers Advocate Melbourne


"The Best Buyers Advocate in Melbourne"


This is the first review I’ve written, ever. That should give you some indication of just how much we’ve appreciated working with Matt and the team. Quick backstory; we were looking for a house that we thought didn’t exist, or at least wasn’t available on-market and so after six months of going to inspections we finally gave up and went to the experts. 3 weeks later we’ve got the home of our dreams.
Warranwood, Melbourne

Buyers Advocate Melbourne FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

A buyers advocate facilitates your property search. They can do this by scouting for properties on and off market. Inspecting opens and auctions, dealing with estate agents, providing insight into properties. 

Buyer advocates also help with negotiating on private sales and bidding at auctions. Their experience can save you time and money.

It is best to select a buyers advocate based on who you feel comfortable with, and who you feel has the most knowledge in the market you are searching in. Some buyers advocates will specialise in specific areas within Melbourne or specific properties. Additionally it is important to make sure that your buyers advocate does have a wide range of experience within the industry.

At Abode Advocacy Group, our advocates have a great depth of experience. Previously being real estate agents they are able to share insight into how an estate agent thinks and behaves.

Buyers advocates are able to get access to more properties than regular buyers due to their relationships and reach within the industry.

Their negotiation skills and experience will save you money on your purchase.

You will spend less time looking for properties and save time.

Ultimately you have an expert through out the transaction who is on your side.

A buyers advocate, also commonly referred to as a buyers agent, is someone who represents a buyer during their property search and purchase. They scout properties, liaise with estate agents, negotiate/bid and facilitate your settlement on your behalf. 

Buyers advocate fees can depend on the properties you are searching for. Normally buyers advocates will charge a percentage based on a purchase price.

Feel free to contact us for more information to our fees.

A buyers advocate’s negotiation skills will save you money and their ability to scout more properties will save you time.

At Abode Advocacy Group we hear about buyers that make many mistakes when negotiating that cost them upwards of $100,000.

We can avoid you making costly mistakes, and assist in you buying a better property.

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