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Vendor Advocate Melbourne

Experienced Vendor Advocacy in Melbourne.

Selling your home or even an investment property can often be more stressful than buying.

Often there is a lot riding on the sale result which can leave sellers feeling vulnerable and unsure about the many decisions and actions that need to take place in the process. Whether you have sold many properties or this is your first time, we are here to make the process easier.

  • Initial consultation including neutral opinion of value and presentation advice.
  • Co-ordination and interviewing of agents, negotiation of agent’s fee and consultation with agents regarding a suitable a marketing package.
  • Monitoring of the sale process from the engagement of the agent until settlement of the sale of the property, including liaising with the Real Estate Agent and assistance with negotiating a successful sale and if required conducting an auction.
  • Advice, preparation and delivery of maintenance, cleaning, decluttering, pet, and toy plans in relation to the Property (at Client’s expense or Elepay pay later option)
  • Co-ordination of professional stylist to deliver styling services (at Client’s expense or Elepay pay later option)
  • Assistance with preparation for settlement
  • Conduct auction including announcing terms and conditions in accordance with state laws and any rules that surround your auction in particular
  • Give detailed description of your property and its valuable features and benefits
  • Closely monitor price movements and deal with any issues that arise during the auction, such as disputed bids or conflicts.
  • Passing property in if seller’s reserve is not met and negotiating sale price

Vendor Advocacy Melbourne


"The Best Vendor Advocate in Melbourne"


A huge thank you to Matt & the team from Abode. Selling our house was a daunting and stressful task. Thanks to their advice and negotiation skills the deal went through smoothly. We would highly recommend them as Vendor Advocates!
Brad T
Doncaster, Melbourne

Vendor Advocate Melbourne FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

They assist in preparing your property for sale to maximise the price, handling and managing project management, selecting and interviewing the best agents to sell your home, appointing and negotiating the agents fees, overseeing the campaign, and managing settlement.

Additionally at Abode Advocacy Group our vendor advocates are professional auctioneers, meaning they are also able to conduct the auction. Giving our clients the most control over the process.

It is best to select a vendor advocate based on who you feel comfortable with, and who you feel has the most knowledge in the market you are selling in. Some vendor advocates will specialise in specific areas within Melbourne or specific properties. Additionally it is important to make sure that your vendor advocate does have a wide range of experience within the industry.

At Abode Advocacy Group, our advocates have a great depth of experience. Previously being real estate agents they are able to share insight into how an estate agent thinks and behaves. They have a great data base of real estate agents that they have personally dealt with and can recommend right across Melbourne, allowing them to sort through all the real estate agents who are not the best fit for your home.

A vendor advocate will save you money on fees, maximise the result of your sale and save you time and stress during the campaign. They also know all the tricks that some agents try to use on vendors to benefit themselves.

If you are interested in saving money on fees, maximising price and not having to deal with the estate agents then the answer is yes.

A vendor advocate, also commonly referred to as a sellers advocate, is someone who represents a vendor during the sale of their property. They are experts in selling properties and are able to oversee the whole process of selling your home. This can include, preparing the home for sale, such as organising quotes and project management, selecting and interviewing agents, negotiating the real estate agents fees, overseeing the campaign and managing the settlement.

At Abode Advocacy Group our vendor advocates have a different approach to selling your home saving you time and stress. We are on your side. Feel free to reach out to discuss how we run our process.

A vendor advocate normally will take their pay by sharing in the commission with the real estate agent who sells the property. Many vendor advocates will claim that this means that they don’t cost their clients any more money. However there is a conflict of interest with this, how can they negotiate their client the best fee if they are sharing in it?

At Abode Advocacy Group we charge a separate fixed fee and have no association with the real estate agents fee. We do this so we can truly negotiate the best fee for our client and select the best agents, as some aren’t willing to share their fee. At Abode we do not want any conflict of interest with sharing in the real estate agents fee.

Contact us at Abode Advocacy Group to discuss our fixed fee and how we can best save you more money.

A vendor advocate will save you money on agents fees by negotiating them to a competitive level. A vendor advocate will also assist in maximising the value of your home by recommending the correct works to get taken out. Additionally they will keep the agent accountable and make sure they are selling the home to the best buyer for your home and not just the first buyer.

At Abode Advocacy Group we are able to consistently earn our fee back in negotiating fees on our clients behalf and maximising the sale of their home.

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