Why Are Sellers Playing The Waiting Game?

At the moment we are getting the most amount of enquiry we have seen from buyers looking to engage our services to give them access to off or pre market properties due to the low stock levels being experienced across Melbourne.


Properties just aren’t coming to market at the moment & we feel there are a number of potential sellers that are sitting on their hands & waiting for the school holidays, Easter & Anzac Day of April to pass & look to come to market perhaps in May, June or July. This behaviour is born we believe out nervousness not just for their sales based on the negative media reports, but also the ability to buy something when sold.


We are witnessing huge buyer enquiry at the moment & we are hearing from many agents that they are seeing huge numbers through inspections (just scroll through instagram to cue photos of shoes at front doors) & this demand with low supply is fuelling pricing at the moment. We have seen the opening of international borders as per our previous blog on this subject. We are also seeing owners without the usual option of potentially renting for a short period should they not be able to secure the perfect abode within their allotted settlement period.


So in short if you don’t have to purchase after you have sold, you should be getting to market as soon as you possibly can, because what we will see in the next 90 days is a spike in property listings coming to market. When that occurs the buyer pool reduces as they now have more choice & time to make decisions & the result of this is a softening of pricing.


Our advice is to go early & to go now & if you’re still unsure please reach out to see how we can help you achieve your property goals

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