Matthew is an absolute star. Ben and I could not have sold our house without him and the Abode Advocacy Group. We run a small business and just did not have time to prepare and sell our home, and Matthew made sure the correct trades were organised, the perfect agents found (and managed) and that the marketing was spot on. Best of all we know he's one of the best auctioneers in Melbourne, and we were more than thrilled that he took the lead on this too. His can do attitude and crazy work ethic (I was getting texts and calls Sunday, Friday night, he never sleeps) meant I was always getting the answers I needed, and fast. Abode Advocacy did all the running around and kept us calm throughout the entire process and I can't recommend them enough. I'm already putting Matthew in touch with family and friends, and am myself looking to engage him on our next project. I've had a taste for what outsourcing this process is like, and I will never sell property without the same level of support ever again.

Our clients were incredibly time poor & simply wanted to hand the property over to get prepared, presented & sold. Nobody had lived there for more than 2 years so there was plenty of work to do, the budget for the preparations were $40,000+ & the property was valued at the time $1.2 million. The clients trusted our judgement approved the works & staging, we selected the agents & went to market. The campaign tracked incredibly well & come auction day we conducted it for them with the agents & achieved them a result $300,000 over above the previous valuation. Proving that mone well spent will repay you when selling.

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