I can't thank Matt and his team enough. I used to live in Japan and Korea where home buyers are treated like 'customers'. Not the case down under due to chronic supply shortage - I was more like a job applicant. Every seemingly decent property had multiple parties competing. Seller's agents often wouldn't even return my calls when the property seems very popular. They take full advantage of the upper hand. I was once encouraged to submit an offer without any condition for building inspection, only to find out the property had 3 major defects. Matt negotiated with them to squeeze in an inspection and saved me a fortune and years of headache. He seems to know when someone is telling the truth or just working very hard(maybe a bit too hard) for the seller. I didn't have to deal with any sales tactics or myriads of unnecessary information that doesn't shed any light but only cause confusion as Matt's team has neatly kept it out of the whole process. I will recommend Abode Advocacy to anyone I care about.

Our clients engaged us to bid at an auction on their behalf originally. After our musical inspection we had some doubts about the buildings integrity. We arranged a building inspection which discovered saturated walls & issues with all windows that would have cost thousands of dollars to rectify. We then shifted to this property which passed out due diligence checks & resulted in securing their new family abode without the nightmares that they would have had with the original building.

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