We were on a tight deadline and were struggling with navigating the world of agents and underquoting for close to 12 months. Dion and Matt went above and beyond for us. They guided us with their wealth of knowledge and vast agent network. Attended inspections and provided videos. But more importantly provided accurate guidance on where the market was actually at for each home we shortlisted. It's much easier to ensure you're not wasting your time with an agent's sales pitch when you have two masters of the game on your side! Totally dependable, responsive and master negotiators! They saved us both time and money. We'll definitely use them again.

Navigating a hectic schedule with demanding work commitments and the joys of a newborn, our clients found themselves pressed for time amid an impending home settlement. Whilst being their feet on the ground at physical inspections, we shared videos accompanied by our commentary, offering insights whether favourable or not, contributing to an informed decision-making process. Recognising their unique challenges, we strategically crafted a licence agreement. This approach alleviated their stress and ensured a seamless transition to their new home at a favourable price point.

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