This is the first review I’ve written, ever. That should give you some indication of just how much we’ve appreciated working with Matt and Dion. Quick backstory; we were looking for a house that we thought didn’t exist, or at least wasn’t available on-market and so after six months of going to inspections we finally gave up and went to the experts. 3 weeks later we’ve got the home of our dreams. What sets Abode apart; - They nailed the brief. We felt they really understood what we were looking for and refined that understanding over time. - The duo of Dion and Matt worked really well. You’re getting two perspectives for the price of one. Sometimes they disagreed with each other and that level of transparency was very refreshing. - Communication was top notch. Very responsive; it felt like we had their undivided attention, either in-person when we went to inspections with them, or when we had specific questions throughout different stages of negotiations. - Strategically we were impressed with the techniques they used to secure our home at the right price. Outsourcing the constant back and forward between the sales agent took a huge amount of the stress away from us, and gave us the distance to make sure we were making the right call. - They went the extra mile by a very large margin. As it turned out, final offers were due literally as Dion was getting married. We got the video call from Matt (a guest at the wedding) in his penguin tux that we won. Incredible moment! Last but certainly not least, we just liked interacting with Matt and Dion as humans. We didn’t believe all of the 5-star reviews but turns out these guys are legit.

Our clients had what they thought was a unicorn 🦄 brief that possibly didn’t exist. We went to work & got them off markets opportunities in their nominated location by letter box dropping the streets they wanted to live. Eventually we swayed them to a different location that ticked every box of their brief & secured the property for them & ultimately an amazing new lifestyle abode. They couldn’t have been happier, nor us for them.

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