After 18 months+ searching for our family home with 2 kids under 2 in tow and being under bidder multiple times, we reached out to Matt and Dion for help. I can't thank them enough for their help in securing our abode. Despite engaging them close to the Christmas period they still worked throughout on our brief and in 51 days got us the house for us for the price we were after. Their ability to open up the market was a game changer and our abode was purchased off market. Their guidance and delivery throughout the negotiation process was brilliant. Although we haven't settled yet, we have significant comfort in the due diligence Abode Advocacy Group performed and having Matt and Dion in our corner :-)

A couple with two kids were renting a home and wanted to buy one in the same area. They were super busy with work and family, so they reached out to us for help. After searching for a few weeks, we found a great house that wasn’t even on the market yet, thanks to our connections with a real estate agent. It was exactly what they were looking for, and we’re thrilled to help them start this new chapter in their lives.

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