Matt and Dion are fantastic. Very professional and knowledgeable– they really got to know us and our needs and were able to patiently and gently point us in the right direction throughout the buying process. Their passion and industry expertise is outstanding. We felt supported and are absolutely thrilled with our new abode! Highly recommended!!

In a demanding situation, our clients presented us with a challenging brief: they needed a home that was not only conveniently located near public transport but also had ample space for an art studio, all while staying within a tight budget. Our task was clear: search across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, ensuring that we not only met the brief but also stuck to the budget. This journey took us six months, during which we remained patient and persistent.

Our actions were deliberate and meticulous. Once we finally found a home that perfectly aligned with our client’s unique needs, our role shifted to effective communication. We made sure our clients had a thorough understanding of both the property and the surrounding area, ensuring it would be an ideal fit for their family.

The result of our efforts was swift and strategic. We submitted an offer early, complete with a well-defined timeframe, which successfully triggered a sale and eliminated further competition. This decisive action secured our clients their new abode, a harmonious space that met their artistic and family needs, all within their budget.

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