Will an Advocate cost me more when buying?

We get asked all the time as to whether an advocate will be an added cost in your property purchase transaction. The answer simply is no it won’t & there is a very simple reason why, because we bring value & experience to the assignment to save you time, money & greatly improve your chances of securing the property you are after. It would be like doing the building & pest inspection yourself, most people would not have the experience or knowledge to do this. The same applies to doing the conveyancing yourself, there would always be time wasted & mistakes made that can add up very quickly in both wasted time & money.

When buying what will be most people’s biggest asset, they’re home, you are going up against other competitive buyers, agents that negotiate every day for a living & an ever changing market full of traps & tricks that you need trusted guidance through.

We will take your detailed brief first to ensure we know exactly what accomodation, location & budget you are wanting. We will ensure that you are financially ready to purchase when ready, if possible without a “subject to finance” clause which often sees many offers declined by sellers. We will ensure you are aligned to a legal professional to look over contracts & Section 32’s prior to offering & also ensure any investment properties are set up correctly from your accountant. We take the stress & thinking out of buying.

We will personally inspect homes on your behalf & minimise the amount of wasted inspections & time. We will provide our experience on value & where we should be setting a limit, based on a number of factors to ensure you never overpay. We will handle all negotiations taking out the emotional side of the purchase & bring our years of experience negotiating with agents for you. If the property is an auction we will discuss & agree upon a strategy to put you in the best position to win & bid on your behalf. We will also be by your side from contract exchange right through to moving day & assist you to ensure nothing is missed along the way. That’s peace of mind.

We will also give you access to many off market opportunities based on our 19,000+ strong data base of agents in the areas you are searching, these are properties that as yet haven’t hit the market or never plan to go online based on many reasons eg: very private owners. We want you to see them before the crowds & be ready to act should they suit, in fact nearly half of our clients buy off market properties & without us they would be oblivious to these homes being available.

Always remember that we have absolutely no conflict of interest unlike dealing with many agents. We are solely at your side to share our experience to save you time & money, but ultimately secure you the home that may have eluded you prior. Many of our clients tell us that they believe that we more than saved them our fee & secured them a home that may very well have been another near miss for them.

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