Missed out on buying in 2023? Don’t make the same mistakes in 2024!

Are you still recovering from the frustrations of a prolonged property search in 2023? If so, it’s time to rethink your approach to home buying in 2024. To ensure a smoother and more successful experience, consider enlisting the services of Matt & Dion from Abode Advocacy Group as your secret weapons in the real estate game.

1. Time-Saving Expertise:

While the average buyer in Melbourne spends a staggering 9 months searching for a property, Abode Advocacy Group boasts an impressive average search duration of just 44 days in 2023. By working on your brief full time, they allow you to reclaim your weekends, focusing on what matters to you while they handle the legwork.

2. Local Advantage:

With over decades of experience living and working in Melbourne’s East, Matt & Dion have not only purchased 80% plus of the abodes in this coveted region but have also established strong relationships with all the key real estate agents. This insider knowledge gives their clients a distinct edge, unlocking off-market and pre-market opportunities that might elude solo buyers.

3. Access to the Full Market:

In 2023, 46% of the properties secured by Abode Advocacy Group for their clients were never advertised on real estate portals. If you went solo last year, chances are you missed out on nearly half of the market. Their dedicated approach ensures you see the complete picture, increasing your chances of finding the perfect home.

4. Cost-Efficient Investment:

Buying off-market can potentially save you 2-5% due to reduced competition. Abode Advocacy Group, however, charges a fee that proves to be an investment rather than an expense. Their services pay off, as you secure your dream home without breaking the bank.

5. Diligent Decision-Making:

Solo buyers often overlook due diligence, either lacking the knowledge or access to crucial information. Abode Advocacy Group steps in to guide you through the process, ensuring you avoid costly and heartbreaking mistakes when purchasing your new home.

6. Strategic Negotiation:

With a team that negotiates for a living, Abode Advocacy Group has the upper hand in securing your new abode, often well under budget. By removing emotional factors, they optimize the negotiation process for your benefit.

If you’re hoping for a different outcome in 2024, don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Reach out today for a no-obligation buyer discovery meeting with Matt & Dion from Abode Advocacy Group. Let them show you how their expertise can save you time, stress, money, and potential pitfalls, ultimately securing your new abode. Your dream home awaits – make 2024 the year you find it.

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