How We Could Have Saved Our Clients $350,000: A Buyer’s Agent Case Study

As a buyers agent at Abode Advocacy Group, I’ve seen firsthand how professional assistance in the real estate market can make a significant difference. Let me share a recent case study that illustrates the potential savings we could have provided to our clients.

In late 2023, we identified a property that perfectly matched our clients’ criteria, securing an off-market opportunity with a verbal offer and acceptance at a favorable price of $2,550,000. At the time, we believed this to be a great deal, aligning closely with our clients’ budget and preferences.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we couldn’t proceed with the contract. Consequently, the property went to auction just this week, fetching a staggering $2,900,000—exactly $350,000 more than our initial negotiated price.

While this outcome is not the success story we had hoped for, it serves as a compelling case study for the benefits of working with a buyer’s agent. Here’s how we could have potentially saved our clients $350,000:

1. Market Insight and Off-Market Opportunities: Our extensive network and market expertise allowed us to identify an off-market property that met our clients’ needs. By accessing these exclusive opportunities, we provided our clients with a competitive edge in finding properties before they hit the open market.

2. Negotiation Skills: Our negotiation prowess would have been instrumental in securing the property at a price significantly below its eventual auction value. Through strategic negotiation tactics, we aim to advocate for our clients’ best interests and achieve favorable outcomes.

3. Risk Mitigation: Despite the unforeseen circumstances preventing the initial transaction, our involvement ensures that our clients are not bound to a contract that may result in a substantial financial loss. We prioritize our clients’ protection and strive to mitigate potential risks throughout the buying process.

4. Financial Savings: Ultimately, our intervention could have potentially saved our clients a significant $350,000 by securing the property at a lower price point. This substantial cost savings exemplifies the tangible benefits of utilizing a buyer’s agent.

In conclusion, this case study underscores the invaluable advantages of partnering with a buyer’s agent when navigating the competitive real estate market. While we couldn’t realize this success in this instance, our dedicated team at Abode Advocacy Group is committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. If you’re considering a property purchase, trust the expertise of a buyer’s agent to maximise your savings and secure your dream home.

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