From Vendor Advocacy to Vendor Consultancy

In the ever-changing landscape of real estate, Abode Advocacy Group is breaking new ground with its transformation from Vendor Advocacy to Vendor Consultancy. This shift is rooted in our unwavering commitment to putting our clients first, and it distinguishes us from the traditional vendor advocacy model in several key ways.

1. No Sharing in Agent’s Commission

One of the standout differences is our approach to compensation. Unlike most vendor advocates who receive a share of the agent’s commission, we have consciously chosen not to engage in this practice. This decision is driven by our dedication to eliminating any potential conflicts of interest. Our goal is to act as a trusted advisor, always keeping our clients’ best interests at the forefront. It also means that the best agents will be happy to work with us, as many will not deal with traditional advocate models.

2. Comprehensive Project Management

At Abode, we take a holistic approach to property sales. We go beyond the traditional scope of vendor advocates by taking an active role in the preparation & project management. From obtaining quotes to managing trades and ensuring the project stays on track, we are deeply involved in the preparation of the property. This hands-on approach is designed to reduce the stress and workload for our clients, ensuring their property is presented at its absolute best & has every chance to maximise the clients end result.

3. Start-to-Finish Sales Campaign Involvement

Another key aspect of our transformation is our continuous involvement in the sales campaign. Unlike many vendor advocates who may step back after the initial stages, we are with our clients from the very beginning to the final settlement day. We act as a conduit between agents and our clients, providing a seamless flow of information, guidance, and support throughout the entire process.

4. Auctions and Final Negotiations

In a bid to offer a truly comprehensive consultancy service, we are prepared to conduct auctions and handle final negotiations in private sales. This level of involvement ensures that our clients have expert representation at every stage of the selling process. It also allows us to leverage our extensive industry knowledge to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

In summary, our offering is all about putting our clients first and providing a service that encompasses every aspect of their property sale. We have evolved from the traditional vendor advocacy model to a Vendor Consultancy approach, and this change is driven by a commitment to transparency, thorough project management, and continuous support from the initial stages of preparation to the final settlement. With Abode Consultancy, you can be confident that your property is in the hands of dedicated professionals who prioritise your best interests and success above all else.

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