Can First Home Buyers Afford A Buyers Advocate?

The simple answer is that they cannot afford not to have one on their side during their biggest purchase to date. Unfortunately you don’t know what you don’t know & there are so many traps & pitfalls that can cost buyers money, time & lots of stress. 

We assist throughout the whole process from ensuring you are financially ready, in relation to bank approval to allow you to put forth the strongest offer when negotiations begin. We also help with your brief to ensure the search is kept on track in relation to your needs from the home, the location you’re looking in & most importantly on budget. 

We will inspect & say no on your behalf to a number of homes based on their suitability, future appreciation, services & ammenities & a number of other factors to ensure we secure the home of your dreams rather than one of your nightmares. 

We have a number of services from lawyers, building & pest inspectors, building surveyors, valuers, accountants & relationships with most real estate agents to ensure that you are protected throughout the entire process & have all of your questions answered. 

Once we have got your brief, started the search, drilled down to find a handful of homes that suit. We then sit down with you to discuss buying strategy whether the property is being sold via auction or private sale, we know the questions to ask the agent that most people who have purchased multiple properties still fail to get confirmation on. When we negotiate or bid at auction for you we do this without the emotion a first home buyer has & time & time again we save clients money at this stage. 

We constantly hear horror stories of buyers missing out on homes based on not being clear on the sale process, being over emotional when buying or simply not being properly prepared. But as we said you don’t know what you don’t know & that why we are here to help through the entire process. 

As a first home buyer we offer a competitive flat fee to ensure you not only get the help you need, but can also afford that help. Have a chat to us soon to discuss your personal requirements.

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