Aren’t All Agents The Same?

It’s a question we get asked a lot, “Aren’t all agents the same?”. The answer is yes that can be the common consensus with the shiny cars & the flash suits etc. But the truth is that most homeowners don’t delve deep enough when selecting an agent to market their biggest asset in the world.
It’s vitally important to consider a number of factors in the sea of #1 agent’s in your area like they all declare. Some of the most important factors we take into consideration when assisting to select an agent for our clients are:

– How experienced is the agent not only in years on the job but also the area they are focussing on? There is a huge difference from the enthusiastic 20 year old who just wants runs on the board, to the 10 year experienced agent that is at the top of their game with the latest marketing & a database of buyers & finally the 20+ year veteran who maybe closer to the end of their career & haven’t kept up with the latest technology that will maximise your price.

– The agent’s team structure, this is a question we get clarity on every time. Does the agent work solo & simply has such a full day everyday that the details may get missed along the way, or do they work within a team of maybe one or two others to assist with opens, private inspections, online or phone enquiry, auction day & buyer follow up? You don’t want an agent/auctioneer that arrives late & has to leave early to get between appointments

– Do they have a true open database of buyers within their brand? Many promise this, but many simply don’t encourage the sharing of this information or other agents within the brand bringing a buyer to your home. This hinders you achieving the best result.

– Is the agent the director & has other parts of the business to attend to daily & won’t have the time to be actively attending opens or returning ours or buyers calls? This happens more than we care to recall, they meet the owner, they promise the world & then you get passed to the office junior once you’re locked into an authority.

– We deal with agent’s that haven’t just sold the most, we drill down deeper to find out whether they have sold similar properties to yours, how long their homes stay on market, whether they lean towards a particular method of sale & if so why. An agent may have sold 100 apartments in the area & claim to be number 1, but if your property is a large family home or a development site for example then that agent won’t be dealing with the database of buyers we need.

– Lastly but most importantly, let’s face it there are some high performing agents that are known to leave a trail of destruction behind them through a bad attitude, poor processes or lack of support. With our years of experience we know who these agent’s are & will assist you to avoid them. We only deal with the best agents who ultimately are also good people that share similar values.

These are merely a few things we take into consideration for you & can vet out the agents that will cost you money or your sanity or both. It’s one of the most important decisions you will make when selling & generally only have one chance to get it right. Let us take that stress away from you, so you can rest assured your property is in the safest hands.

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