A Comprehensive Guide to Final Inspections for Property Purchases with Abode Advocacy Group

1. Introduction
Congratulations on reaching the final stage of your property purchase journey with Abode Advocacy Group. The final inspection is a crucial step in the process, ensuring that the property you’re about to call home is in the condition you expect. It’s your last opportunity to identify any issues or discrepancies before finalising settlement. To help you navigate this essential step, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on what to expect during a final inspection and what you should be checking for.

2. Scheduling the Final Inspection
Typically, the final inspection is conducted within 7 days before settlement. Please allow your buyers advocate from Abode Advocacy Group to arrange this with the agent to arrange a suitable time for the inspection. We will ensure we allocate enough time to thoroughly assess the property.

3. Property Documentation
Before attending the final inspection, gather all relevant property documentation, including the contract of sale, vendor's statement (section 32), and any special conditions that may have been agreed upon. Familiarise yourself with the property’s details and any warranties or inclusions.

4. Walkthrough Checklist
Prepare a checklist of items to inspect during the walkthrough. This list should include both interior and exterior elements of the property. Here are some key areas to focus on:
a.) Interior: – Walls, ceilings, and floors for cracks, stains, or damage. – Plumbing fixtures, including taps, toilets, and drains, for leaks or functional issues. – Electrical outlets, switches, and lights for functionality. – Appliances included in the sale (if any), such as the oven, dishwasher, and air conditioning systems. – Doors, windows, and locks for security and functionality. – Built-in cabinets, wardrobes, and shelving for damage or proper functioning.
b.)  Exterior: – The condition of the roof, guttering, and downpipes. – Fencing, gates, and any outdoor structures. – The state of the garden, landscaping, and irrigation systems. – Driveways, pathways, and external lighting. – The condition of the garage or carport.

5. Water and Utility Services
Check that all water, gas, and electricity services are functioning correctly. Ensure that the hot water system is operational, as well as any heating or cooling systems.

6. Pest and Building Inspections
If you’ve previously arranged for pest and building inspections, bring their reports to the final inspection. This allows you to verify that any issues identified in these reports have been addressed by the seller if agreed to.

7. Defects and Repairs
During the inspection, document any defects or issues you find. If there are items that require repair or replacement, discuss them with your buyers advocate from Abode Advocacy Group or conveyancer to negotiate a resolution with the seller before settlement. This may involve requesting repairs, a reduction in the purchase price, or other concessions that are mutually agreed upon.

8. Cleanliness
Ensure that the property is clean and in a reasonable state of cleanliness as per your contract of sale. Sellers are generally expected to leave the property in a clean condition for the new owners.

9. Final Walkthrough
After inspecting the property thoroughly, take one final walkthrough to make sure everything is in order. Check that all fixtures and fittings are still in place and that there have been no significant changes since your last visit.

10. Documenting the Inspection
Take photos or videos of any issues or discrepancies you find during the final inspection. This visual documentation can be valuable evidence if any disputes arise later.

11. Conclusion
A final inspection is your last chance to ensure that the abode you’re purchasing with Abode Advocacy Group meets your expectations and contractual agreements. By following this comprehensive guide and conducting a thorough inspection, you can address any concerns or issues before finalising settlement. Remember to communicate openly with your buyers advocate or conveyancer throughout the process to facilitate a smooth and successful property acquisition. With due diligence and attention to detail, you'll be well-prepared to take the next step in your real estate journey.

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