We knew our clients for many years prior & when it came time for the family to sell their parents home, they engaged us to manage the process of preparation, agent selection, campaign management & ultimately call the auction. They took on all our feedback & this helped them achieve an incredible result. We are […]

The Case for Embracing Deposit Bonds: Demystifying Agent Preference for Cash Deposits

In the world of real estate transactions, deposit bonds have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional cash deposits. While some agents may default to cash deposits, a closer examination reveals that embracing deposit bonds can offer numerous benefits for both buyers and sellers.   Here’s why real estate agents should consider the advantages of […]

Glen Iris

Our client was referred to is to help solely in bidding for them at auction. They were comfortable sourcing property but needed our help with due diligence & bidding at auction. We valued the property & agreed upon a strategy. Once executed this resulted in them securing their new abode.


This was a tougher assignment with the family owning the home for 60 plus years & there being a lot of memories & sentiment involved. We had to remain very aware of this & take our time, one step at a time & a few pauses along the way. But we did get the family […]