About Us

Abode Advocacy Group was founded by our director in 2022 after he had a moment of clarity where he wanted to create a service that was solely focussed on guiding buyers & sellers of property through the often daunting & stressful process of transacting real estate.

Put simply without an advocate on your side during one of the biggest transactions of your life then you are dealing with real estate agents that often find themselves conflicted by assisting both sides of the transaction.

At Abode Advocacy Group we are very clear that we are on one side only, “your side”.There are many advocates available to assist you so why would you choose us & what makes us different to the others:

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Don't share in the agents commission

We are one of the only services that do not share in the agents commission. Many advertise that working with them costs you no more. This on many occasions simply isn't true as we negotiate the agents commission, saving clients money immediately on behalf as we charge a flat service fee meaning that there is no conflict. Why would someone negotiate a fee down if they're sharing in it? It also means that we work with the best agents as many won't share up to 50% of their commission with an advocate.

Melbourne’s best real estate agents

We have professional relationships with 100’s of Melbourne’s best real estate agents. If we are purchasing or selling for you it’s highly probable that we will have a relationship that may assist us with your transaction.

Diverse Agent Database

We have a data base of agents that at the press of a button can be contacted to unearth off market or pre campaign properties based on your buying criteria, without an advocate you miss out on these opportunities.

Negotiation involvement

We are involved in all negotiations whether that be in a private sale or auction scenario. We will never ask you to accept any offer until we are sure the buyer has paid their maximum. Many advocates leave this solely to the agents and do not get involved.

conduct the auction

We conduct the auction for our clients meaning that your expectations can be kept private. This also allows the agents to work directly with the bidders in the crowd. Remember often the best agent for your property may not be an auctioneer. With experience conducting 1000+ auctions you are in good hands with us.

Bid for our clients

We also bid for many clients at auction & through our experience of also conducting auctions we are better served to read the crowd, in a non emotional manner. Many advocates will never have conducted an auction themselves.

Assisting every step of the way

We are the conduit between real estate agents & clients at all times, you are protected from dealing with them. Many advocates hand the whole process over to the agents once the campaign begins. We are there with you every step of the way from purchase or sale, final inspections and settlement.

satisfaction guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee, if you aren't happy, either are we, we will do our best to fix any issues in the timeliest of manners. If not possible we will refund 50% of our fee no questions asked.